New Digs

2013 July 22 Monday

After five years in the hinterlands, far beyond the pale, we’re now ensconced in the Texas Medical Center, Houston.  Huzzah, indeed.

Still a lot of setup needed, moving in some more items, but starting to feel at home.  Would be nice to have some windows & cheaper parking, but overall it’s a very nice change. 



2013 May 28 Tuesday

Tom was reminiscing about the time he spent in South Carolina with Uncle Billy. Geneologically speaking actually a cousin, the Union Carbide settlement provided enough to live on comfortably. Billy had gotten some acreage & a house just out of town, where he started raising chickens.

Weird chickens.

Chickens just back from the west coast where they’d played supporting rôles in horror & fantasy films [or direct-to-video].

It was back in the eighties Tom visited him there. Billy was completely out & comfortable with it, received visitors in his kaftan smoking a B&H long. Seems that booze-on-wheels didn’t have the same connotation as these days. It was quite common to see the afternoon drive home filled with folks holding a frosty glass of something, real glass with real ice. Granted they were going rather slow, not to mention being very laid back. Billy referred to it as “The Charleston Grip”.

A couple years later Billy moved further south, down to Key West, a little warmer & gay-friendly but couldn’t keep chickens.

Best Democracy $$$ Can Buy (c.2010)

2013 May 28 Tuesday

O tempore o mores; what do you do with a suborned legislator? what do you do with a drunken sailor?  Throw him in the brig, until dead or sober, respectively.  Dean Swift (as Gulliver amongst the Houyhnhnms) was not in the least provoked by the Sight of “a Lawyer, a Pick-pocket, a Colonel, a Fool, a Lord, a Gamester, a Politician, a Whore-Master, a Physician, an Evidence, a Suborner, an Attorney, a Traitor, or the like: This is all according to the due Course of Things”.

Guess I’m intolerant, ie, not to put up with or endure it.  But if you’re feeding at the trough of government, at the teat of the commonweal as it were, you should be held to a higher standard.  Being old fashioned, I say it’s treason and, being from the radical 60s~70s, I say ‘up against the wall’.

There have been a few articles, Time and USN&WR, casually mentioning the lobbying rampant in government.  It’s bribery by any name, and until bribery is made illegal (Draconian solutions recommended) it’s going to be the same old $#!+

Don’t think the teasips are going to do it, the plutocrats sure aren’t, and where is the grassroots disgust at what the Republic has come to?

MLA 2013 Boston

2013 May 3 Friday

Right now: “Understanding Basic Biomedical Researchers” very appropriate, hope to be dealing wih that ilk very soon. Brushing up on Molecular Biology for tomorrows class. With an etd of 0700 for the trip to Burlington will be an interesting (all) day.

poisson d’avril

2013 April 1 Monday

A bit fishy, the things that happen this day.  Pass the grain of sodium chloride, please.  The Onion will probably do hard news today & the BBC will announce the Queen’s impending sex-change.

No personal plans to punk or pull out rugs, hoping it goes quietly.  A good day of release between leap days.

Gates of Eden

2011 March 29 Tuesday

Have lost even the small moiety of my marbles: woke up & there was a strange smell. In the kitchen the frying pan was on a very low flame as it had been since 21:30 the previous evening, uncovered butter dish atop the cabinet & unwrapped pumpernickle, too. At least the teflon didn’t get to the 500-odd degrees ƒ that generate poisonous gas, but the late dinner of omelet/bacon/toast shouldn’t have shut down my brain that badly: there were multiple gease-soaked paper towels within inches of the front burner & hot pan thereabove.

Odd dream, too: was with an old girlfriend (Lee Kim Buh) who was very sick. Puking & diarhœa, worked on getting her hair out of the way of the upward-exiting material but it was a wig, short & sparse hair underneath. Getting the downward exiting material was another matter.

While supporting her on the toilet got vomit down my back, but not too much. I gloved up & massaged her perinium & anus to stimulate release of her GI which took about four goes. Finally got her jeans & panties disengaged from her feet & her into the shower for a clean-up.

That segue’d into a very fancy & high-level conference/symposium at a ultra-ritzy venue. This time I had the shits & there were major problems finding a working toilet. Yes, very posh place, but the loo was on the fritz: one was unusable as a haz-mat suited tech was working on it. Trying to get some running water out of a tap to clean myself up what came out was fæces, looked like soft-serve yoghurt but smelled incredibly bad. Finally found a tub with a hand shower & hosed off the nether regions.

Of course now I was going around half-naked, found a hospital gown-like wrap around & dressed. Got into a conversation with one of the high mucky-mucks about the general conditions but everyone (me too) was rather blasé about the whole thing.

“At dawn my lover comes to me/ and tells me of her dreams/ with no attempt to shovel the glimpse/ into the ditch of what each one means/ at times I think there are no words/ but these to tell what’s true/ and there are no truths outside the gates of Eden” — Bob Dylan

New Car Fever

2011 March 11 Friday

Always an apples-oranges problem, also have to consider the Library Occam’s Razor: Just-In-Case versus Just-In-Time. Honda v. Hyundai, both with 1.9% 36-month incentive financing.

The Element has beaucoup cargo space, very utilitarian – but totally un-plush, not many features that I’ve come to expect from 2¾ years with a CRV. Also a gas hog, 20 city & 25 hwy, tho might eke out a few more by taking the back seats out.

The Tucson GLS costs $1600 more but more & much better features included. Alloy wheels not steel; telescoping steering wheel; roof rails; alarm system; usb/auxillary; better horsepower & torque; heated side mirrors; tows 500# more; two more years 24k mi more warranty; mpg 22/31. That last alone means $500 in gas for 20k mi saving p.a. at the current $3.25, more sooner…

Decisions, decisions —