I dislike Ike

2008 October 10 Friday

For me, Hurricane (himricane?) Ike started about 23:40 CDST (z-5) Friday 12th September 2008 when the power went off.  Little did I think then that it would be two weeks before restoration.  CentrepunkNRG {not their real name} had been scrimping on maintenance of the infrastructure for years, easement tree trimming due every two years skipped for the last seven: guess Davey Mac needed another solid platinum crapper with bidet.

But I digress…

Lots of DPs, including Shi-Mui evacuated to Ostentacious for three weeks.  My roof’s FUBAR but lots of folks don’t even have wreckage to go back to, they’d need GPS & surveyors just to find the location on the now clean-swept sands.

Saturday was the big hit morning & I slept through most of it.  Media had banged the drum so loud & long the populace was in a frenzy, & not a constructive one.  I’d put the thermostat into the 60s so the house was cool thru the night into morning.  After calling in the power failure report to the feckless fart smellers I turned in & only came to briefly about 2-ish when Cat jumped into bed.

The hospital let the non-medico types off Friday, at that time pretty much no ice, food, potable water, batteries, generators, camping equipment & things of that ilk.  Was glad I’d stocked up emergency supplies, just didn’t think I’d need for more than a week.  Didn’t need to run the mini color TV (off an inverter on a loose car battery) since it was all Ike all the time.  Meteorological orgasm is not pretty, the preverts on all [2-8-11-13-20-26-39] channels got rather disgusting.

BTW did anyone else notice that whilst the broadcast analogue stations came thru the digital counterparts crapped out?  Great idea to have a communications system that’s non-functional in bad weather, when it might be useful for emergency needs.

Logistics is an old topic, you’d think that after Napoleon didn’t make it to Москва́  due to running out of fodder someone might have taken note: supplies/supply lines are important if you don’t want to die.  But that poor bastard Santayana never does get remembered for his saying (roughly) that if you don’t remember your history you’re condemned to repeat it.

Hell, the economy is going down the tubes & no one remembers the savings & loan collapse of a couple decades ago.  About $160Bn 1980 ($600Bn in 2008) shot to hell by that useless waste of skin, Carter.

Anywho, 14 days later 120VAC returns to Chez Robbart; but not, so far, equanimity.  Insurance, FEMA & other distasteful matters still on the table.