Words of wisdom; words at least…

2009 January 6 Tuesday

Florence once said that the morning is the champagne of the day; even with a couple of very early-hour jobs behind me I still do love the early a.m. hours (from either side of the morning).

Gram came up with a good one, too, regarding certain people: “Ignorant and proud of it”.  My corollary to that is that ignorance can be corrected but stupid is forever.  Gram also passed along the story of one of her grandmothers, the Irishwoman (Trim, Co.Meath?) who emigrated to NYC in the mid eighteen-hundreds.  In the civil war you could buy yourself out of combat if you were drafted.  That wasn’t an option for her kinda folk.

Seems there was some sort of military parade, Lincoln riding in it.  Seems that g’g’g’grandma was there throwing horse-apples at the prez.  Later I found out what horse-apples are.  Seems there were draft riots in the city, too.  Maybe it’s in the genes, rioting in the mid 1960s came pretty natural to me.

Don’t know who said that a man goes broke real quick spending what other people think he can afford… I might be original with the ‘a man expecting to be overpaid will feel cheated by an honest measure’.  But tracking quotes is a hell of an undertaking.


Hello, Twenty Naught Nine…

2009 January 1 Thursday

Quite the eventful twelvemonth: new professional position in a great place, new wheels, new love interest, and, presently, new roof.

Getting ready for said roof forced a clear out & clean up that has been much overdue.  Also brought to mindfulness the principle of attachment & aversion.  Way too many things hanging on the walls & laying on tables, counters, floors &c.

The bookcases have gotten into a sorry state, too.  Every one has books laying across the tops of the ones that are in the shelves normally.  But I couldn’t pass up the five-volume set of Santayana’s Life of Reason — now it’s time to weed & rearrange fer shur.

Rounding up the dust bunnies et alia & vacuuming & cleaning promises to be an Augean-level event; then there’s the attic…

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