Medical Exorcises

2009 February 20 Friday

Patient care is a broad topic, but ’round these here parts it can get quite sucky. Six docs in two weeks provides lots of opportunity for phuqaghe. Take that CT, please. Saw one doc in his home lair on Friday, 20 minutes of data entry then a couple hours before they could scrape up an ultrasound tech; which left no time for the CT, but at least no clots found.

Next week they repeated the same data entry again, must’ve gone bad over the weekend. Wait some more, then get told they want a $450 co-pay.  WTF? the u/s was covered… but not CT, no co-pay at all if done at a different facility tho… not something the feckless pinheads thought to mention up front.

Of course that was the orthopædicus secundus, o. primus wanted to spread the wealth with a specialized specialist after he’d gotten me in his clutches from the g.p. who with o.p. both mis-diagnosed a fracture.  At least o.p. got me on a cephalosporin.

CT at second site got done, o. secundus said he’d be able to read it over weekend – four days post irradiation, how expeditious.  Another symptom arose which none of the above could handle, so hello ER.  ER Dr Quaternus took a culture & an EWAG, changed ABX to clindamycin.

Too bad the s. aureus was resistant to it but sensitive to cephalosporin (not being MRSA).  When there’d been no results returned before weekend Dr Quitus rattled some cages, got the microbiology report, restarted cephalosporin & added a sulfamethoxazole w/trimethoprim.

Turns out o. secundus couldn’t read the CT after all, intra-hospital SNAFU – crap IT.  Hey, burn a CD-ROM and drive it over in your copious free time.  Anyway, it’s not a fracture from the trauma, tho there is some damage on the opposite side from a while back; the cellulitis is the major issue.  So hello, Dr Sextus, my trusty long-term PCP/GP, there’s so much to be said for the family physician.

Four-plus weeks of assorted ABX, to be continued anon…