Damned Politicians

2009 March 18 Wednesday

Ha! don’t get me started, you know how I am…

The ALA of all people has hired a carnie sideshow for their annual conference.  We’re definitely post-literate, post-thought; the library association of the U.S. is going to feature a medium (actually looks like an extra-large).

Politicians are of the same ilk, one held forth this morning on NPR about how the AIG mucky-mucks should do a Mitsubishi BOD thing: where they humbly bow & apologize to the stockholders, then commit hari-kiri.  Strange stance for a person in the first-class compartment of the gravy train — but stance: politicians can kiss their own ass, five others & give fellatio plus two hand jobs whilst getting a blow job themselves.

I say give the congress an immediate 50% pay cut & cancel their benefits.  Let the scum pay for their own medical bills & fund their own IRAs.  Performance bonus?  Let senators & representatives decrease the number of folks living below poverty level (one person <$10,590, four people <$21,203, per annum) & then we’ll talk.  Fuck it: let’s pay congress $1.00 over poverty level wage equivalent.  No golden parachutes for anyone.

“Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.“  kill ‘em all, god’ll sort ‘em out…


Roar of the greasepaint; smell of the crowd

2009 March 14 Saturday

That aulde huckster & reprobate, James van Praagh, is on as primary speaker for the American Library Association 2009 Conference.  More on that, later.

Guess it’s official, the society is both post-literate and post-intelligence.  Thankfully there won’t be much archæological evidence, the tapes & optical or digital media will have gracefully decayed into a thin layer of plastics & ferric oxides when they dig into the tell a millenium or so on.

There was a comment on a LJ blog about Jr Bush’s legacy: $1TN± war costs (NTM over 4,257 U.S. dead in Iraq, >662 in Afghanistan); using the Bill of Rights for toilet paper.  And I used to think that the punishment for treason during wartime was hanging…

But stupid is as stupid does: being old-fashioned I think that bribery should be illegal, even when it’s called ‘lobbying’.  Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendereTo accept a favour is to sell freedom. (Publilius Syrus) Hang them both: panderer & whore, i.e, lobbyist & politician.  That the populous has not reacted to the status quo…

cribbed from wikiwiki:

O tempora o mores! Cicero in his First Oration against Catiline “Oh the times! Oh the customs!”  Cicero deplores the viciousness and corruption of his age.  Cicero is frustrated that, despite all of the evidence that has been compiled against Catiline, who has been conspiring to overthrow the Roman government (NTM trying to kill Cicero), and the fact that the senate has given final approval Catiline has not yet been executed, while other conspirators were executed for less.