Rainy Day Headache

2009 April 18 Saturday

Storm rampant since quitting time Friday & probably into/thru Sunday.  Coming on four weeks of pharygolaryngyal torment, ever since the post-paddy’s party.  Of course ignored it for a week [damned Y-chromosome] before Dr Iz decided I was making too much noise & scaring the patients.  Bronchitis & maybe pneumonia so we’ll treat as if the latter.

Tho ameliorated, not actually over it after another week or so, so hie me to ENT: two-foot black straw up the nose & hello – leukoplakia(LP), bilateral, vocal cords.  Because of Smiler I. we already knew about the condition & so was rather nonplused for a bit, probably will be until Monday & followup endoscopy.  If necessary, hope he can biopsy in the same trip; tho not as bad as I’d expected, it’s not something most people would do for fun.

Ignorance is the basic condition, blissful or not, & my folly is to dispel it bit by bit – as I’d mentioned before, ignorance can be corrected but stupid is forever.  As somewhere between 3% — 30%  of LPs advance into cancer ignore-ance would be really stupid.

The old library had a book sale, now have a great condition Bullfinch plus one on the Weimar Republic; went by Good Friday, seems my buddy from circ had died the day before.  A great person who’ll be greatly missed.