M & M: mourning report

2009 May 8 Friday

The hind-third flattened & dragging, the cat pumped its front legs, moving at a surprisingly fast pace left-to-right across the highway – three more lanes to the shoulder & perhaps respite.  I was already past the horror, in the left-most lane, before it truly registered.

First thing to mind was doing OMPH.  No vet I, but surely that was a mortal injury.  Hope the cat made it to the side of the road & was able to die in the grass instead of on concrete.  Might’ve been me in the past, might be me in future.  Birth, life, death, bardo…

Pray the little critter ended this lifetime with some peace & calm, & gets into a better reincarnation for the next go around the wheel.

Hwy. 146 northbound, just off Harman Bridge, 07:00