Cuba sí – Castro no…

2009 July 24 Friday

Pretty easy to construct a Cuba Libre on the way into work with but a little prep: put ice cubes in the cup & squeeze the lime over them.  With the hip flask & can of coke already in the chiller bag it’s duck soup, so to speak.  Just a free-pour, soda top-off, stir-lid-straw & sip away the miles.

The original Charleston Grip has now gone camouflage, open container law & drink-driving issues don’t you know.  What does that mean for the bar section of the Winnebago?  Do you have to keep all the bottles in a Tantalus or just aft of the furthest-back seat?

Overweaning problem is that when you’ve got to shoot one of them you might miss.  A delicate balance between a mean- versus mellow-drunk dictating whether there’s  the shooting in the first place & then the affect of X amount of alcohol upon accuracy of the shot(s).


Hawaii, (sort of) USA

2009 July 24 Friday

Nigh on three weeks in the southernmost state, mostly on Oahu & then a week on Hawaii.  Must’ve pissed off Pele or someone else: she was flatulent & belching, the Trade Winds were off & the Kona was spreading vog NNW-NNE.

Waikiki hosts a lot of homeless, transient/vagrants & surf bums who’d truly bummed out.  Honolulu proved a tough navigation by car, and getting accosted at bus stop was less than pleasant (young albino doper, cab came by & no one had to die).

The insular/isolated feeling even persists on the Big Island, tho not so much atop Mauna Kea.  Amazing how the natives still embrace christianity after being so thoroughly fucked over by it.  In 1819 Kamehameha Iki dies & his idiot son K-deuce with step-mom blow off the old gods: less than a year later the missionaries come & start the rape of the islands.

Oh well; polygamy with close relatives is generally not a good idea.