Schadenfreude Variations

2009 August 29 Saturday

Schadenfreude, from German roughly “joy from (others’) harm/misfortune”, is a fairly well known vocabulary word.  But what is it when one takes displeasure from anothers’ good fortune?  Seems to be something on the jealousy~envy spectrum.

In Buddhism there’s the word ‘mudita’ { मुदित } for rejoicing in others’ good fortune, cited by wikiwiki as the antonym of schadenfreude.  As Geshela mentioned, it’s not others who make us envious or jealous or angry or indulge in shadenfreude — it is the self, i.e., I make me envious or jealous or angry or schadenfroh.

Not sure if that’s the correct adjectival usage, don’t know German & can barely do English.



2009 August 5 Wednesday

That’s the first word‡ but the last word is “GUT IT”

seems to be the apposite mot juste… I’ve got to concur on that bottom line.  Gut like rancid pesky fishy, at arms’ length with protective gear.

Since this bath is (ultimately) on an outside wall (north-west corner to be precise) & it had been the rearmost part of the garage, guessing that there’s little to naught out to the stucco-covered brick veneer which is the outer building shell.

In for a penny, in for a pound…  should also raise the floor (& commode) 5″ up to same height as rest of house; utilise the whole footprint of the room instead of having two big dead zones; pocket door & other ‘Universal Design’  features like hand rails, relocating water knob & nice shower heads.

Already came with a phone line in there, just need to pull A/V & cat 5 cable; tho may not be enough room for the triangular Jacuzzi I’d been eyeing (nor extra $1,000 in budget).

Does one tile ceiling, too?  Sweat equity I can contribute, but don’t know if I’ve got all the skill-sets for everywhere in the project.  May seek out a tile maven for at least parts of the gig.

Forthcoming drawings & photos as things develop; have to blog it for posterity, or at least the inquest.  Should be able to masque up & get down by this weekend.  But now for an IPA —

B/4 there is CONstruction there must be DEstruction (TOH, Book of Kevin, ch.2, verse 5, Letter to the Elysians)

‡rubbish, offal, stinky tobacco – from ES mondongo, ox stomach linings served with onions, i.e., tripes.  Cf. Harry Potter, “Mundungus Fletcher”

Dominoes & Plumbing

2009 August 5 Wednesday

N Wall RotOr, why are they alike…?

The bath in the garage conversion side would only bath, diverter to
shower head negative function; so just unscrew the faucet & replace,
right?  The stall walls are that thin plastic covering stuff.

Whole faucet unit collapsed upon itself, totally rotted out.  Just cut
thru the plastic & blueboard at a slightly larger circumfrence & get a
clear shot at the pipe, eh?

There’s no blueboard/cemantatious stuff there, only gypsum drywall,
rotted up to the valve.  Studs on 16~17″ centers, so put in some
horizontal boards for screwing/nailing, anchored the pipe (which had
been hanging loose); now just get to a non-rotted area on the back
stall wall & install blueboard with waterproof cover.  Duck soup, no?

The back stall wall [5½’ wide] has drywall over blueboard under the
plastic outermost board & it’s mouldy to about 20″ up from the tub lip
& [so far] rotted 30″ from the corner of the pipe/fixture wall
leftward.  Stick the fork in, yes – I’m done for the night.

There would be about 70 sq.ft. of tile to put in going that route, NTM
blueboard on at least the one 3′ × 6′ wall with the pipes behind.  The
wall opposite may have a 2′ deep void in back of it to possibly
utilize.  Next step, I suppose, is to completely remove the drywall &
scope out the situation.

Will keep you apprised of the fun; let me know if you need a laugh
next time you’re in area & I’ll give you the site tour.

Tashi delek to us all…