Red China Sucks (redux)

2009 October 15 Thursday

Well someone must have alerted the media, they found out about & are now reporting on the issue with the reds’ wallboard, i.e., ½ BN pounds or so with fly ash & unknown oriental adulterants.  Sulphur reactions lead to stench, pipe corrosion [exacerbated by heat & humidity].  Was only back in 2004~8 so the media are, once again, right on top of things.

Duh… the PRC poisons our pets, moves up to contaminated milk/baby formula & lead painted toys, toothpaste with ethylene glycol &c &c …  see link for thorough disgust.  Googolishous search phrase “contaminated, poisonous chinese exports” got 117k hits in English.

The disposable-items ethos of our current commoditized era doesn’t need help by people buying inferior products because they think it’s cheaper: buying a $20 product twice in five years versus buying a $50 product once in ten years — do the math.


Shoot the contractor…

2009 October 3 Saturday

How did it all begin?  Let us cast our minds back to the distant past: at this point had gotten down to bare studs, but the shelves were still in place…

of course, tieing for worst of it it the magnificent plumbing: ½” Cu dangling thru from the water heater plus PVC for the cold side… sole support of the valve, shower & tub pipes/spouts:

Now that the shelves are out I’m thinking about putting a sink in there & repurposing the twin vanity w/mirror cabinet in the outer area; already know that I’d like a wider door, maybe pocket, but definitely U.D. spec.