Horrible thoughts, memories & thanks

2009 November 6 Friday

When mom died [2001 May 12] there was no reason to stage a funeral in Houston/Webster, so I got in contact with a Queens NYC company.  ICC rules forbid transhipping an unembalmed corpse, ergo I got the address of a local mortuary from them to whom I had the body released from Rosewood (now Spring Branch) Hospital (now Medical Center).

Then there was the matter of delivering clothes with which to dress the body; she still had a fancy dress from back when Richard married Mary Anne 1976-09-11 & never worn much.  So got the box & directions & assistance of a friend to drive out there.  In one of the worst parts of town, late at night in a filthy storm.  A mixed industrial-low rent housing area, totally unmarked.  One of the creepiest experiences yet; thanks, Thearleach, you’re a hell of a friend.

When I got to NYC it was going to be just Florence, Arthur, me & a minister from the old Community Methodist Church in Jackson Heights at a graveside service in Maspeth where the old family plots are (I got a Centopath arranged for me in 1997).  Showed the picture to the mortician to be sure no mix up en route; didn’t think I wanted to check myself, had already seen her dead tho on ECLS & done mantras then.