New York Minute

2010 January 12 Tuesday

One New York minute equals 47,653 milliseconds (1 ny’ = 47,653 ms).

Or, about how long it would take to decide to move upwind or hit that thing.  Perhaps the decision-making process accelerates with experience: been there, done that, got the tee shirt/scar/restraining order/rash that just isn’t going away… But it’s said that age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom but does bring perspective, aiding your judgement (maybe) but not keeping you out of trouble in the first place.  For that I prefer vicarious learning: what happened when he licked the frozen metal flag pole?  how many EMT did it take to disconnect?


Hang ’em High

2010 January 7 Thursday

Despite Geo. Santayana’s observation that “if you don’t remember history you’re condemned to repeat it” the vermin US congress bail out the scum bankers/ripoff artists 30-years after the Keating (et alia) Kocksuckers.

That was with  scumbag Jimmy Carter, now it’s with scumbag Barak Obama.  When will we see memory extended beyond 30-odd years?  This kind of crap was old in the Roman empire.

What about making bribery illegal again? maybe a capital crime? firing squad or hanging? decapitation?  What do you think about having some rotting heads on stakes in front of the US Capitol Bldg to be viewed by all the legislators entering?  Deterent?  Maybe a gibbet with the last corrupted-suborned congressperson or “lobbyist” left swinging in the breeze.

What’s it going to take?  There has to be enough pain to defeat inertia/momentum; what’s it going to take?

Invictus maneo

2010 January 3 Sunday

“I remain unvanquished”

Yeah, some more scars & disillusionment – but decided to chuck it all, ’tis all just froth in my life’s wake anyway don’t you know, & crack one of the older bottles.

Sichel 1978 Grand Vin de Bordeaux,  Saint-Emilion {Apellation Saint-Emilion Contrôlée} mis en bouteille par Michel Montadour, Negociant à Bordeaux (Gironde).  Still had the Cobweb Liquor price tag on it, $9.88 back in the early eighties.

Some damn fine wine 32 years on, with manchego even better.  Eat, drink & be merry — for tomorrow we die, or at least have to go back to work…

Sante! & à bientôt