BRHR #98

2010 April 8 Thursday

Dwelling in the Bathroom Hell-Realm since last summer: first estimate completing Labor Day, then Thanksgiving, then Yuletide… now it’s qué será será, especially after the last exploratory revealed studs glued to crossbeams instead of nailed.  The feckless scum also dropped the ceiling 11″ to mount a light/vent fan, despite the fact they were already going into the attic for the duct work (wait a minute, they might’ve just vented into the attic, quite likely considering the other work that’s been uncovered).

Looking like I’m going to be extending the demolition another 70 sq.ft. into the current vanity/closet area; rather dumbass concept & execution there as well.  So now there’s an urgent need to ‘clear the decks for action’, hopefully enough to motivate the throwout/cleanup process past the current inertia.