Desire Realms: Human & Animal domains

2010 October 13 Wednesday

Cogitations as the attempted repatriation of the foster-kittie gangs agley.  Not much difference between animals per se, human or feline.  She’s under the control of who catches her or otherwise imposes their will upon; plus there are needs which must be met by all that live or they stop living.  Personal physiological-safety, food/water &c …  Maslow’s hierarchy is a great equalizer.

Reminds me of the boss-employee paradigm.  Guess I, too, could wander down the street to see if there’s a nicer house with better food available.  But that might involve some gonadal adjustments.  Humans have more attachments, too.  She’s not likely to take the catnip toy mouse with her when she leaves; but it would probably take ten boxes to pack my library.

The possession-less monks, maybe Diogenes, have at least part of the answer.  If I wasn’t worried about keeping out of the rain/heat/cold, being fed, all those little things that mean ‘security’ to humans… hmm, sounds Buddhist or something, going to have to look into that.