New Car Fever

Always an apples-oranges problem, also have to consider the Library Occam’s Razor: Just-In-Case versus Just-In-Time. Honda v. Hyundai, both with 1.9% 36-month incentive financing.

The Element has beaucoup cargo space, very utilitarian – but totally un-plush, not many features that I’ve come to expect from 2¾ years with a CRV. Also a gas hog, 20 city & 25 hwy, tho might eke out a few more by taking the back seats out.

The Tucson GLS costs $1600 more but more & much better features included. Alloy wheels not steel; telescoping steering wheel; roof rails; alarm system; usb/auxillary; better horsepower & torque; heated side mirrors; tows 500# more; two more years 24k mi more warranty; mpg 22/31. That last alone means $500 in gas for 20k mi saving p.a. at the current $3.25, more sooner…

Decisions, decisions —


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