Gates of Eden

Have lost even the small moiety of my marbles: woke up & there was a strange smell. In the kitchen the frying pan was on a very low flame as it had been since 21:30 the previous evening, uncovered butter dish atop the cabinet & unwrapped pumpernickle, too. At least the teflon didn’t get to the 500-odd degrees ƒ that generate poisonous gas, but the late dinner of omelet/bacon/toast shouldn’t have shut down my brain that badly: there were multiple gease-soaked paper towels within inches of the front burner & hot pan thereabove.

Odd dream, too: was with an old girlfriend (Lee Kim Buh) who was very sick. Puking & diarhœa, worked on getting her hair out of the way of the upward-exiting material but it was a wig, short & sparse hair underneath. Getting the downward exiting material was another matter.

While supporting her on the toilet got vomit down my back, but not too much. I gloved up & massaged her perinium & anus to stimulate release of her GI which took about four goes. Finally got her jeans & panties disengaged from her feet & her into the shower for a clean-up.

That segue’d into a very fancy & high-level conference/symposium at a ultra-ritzy venue. This time I had the shits & there were major problems finding a working toilet. Yes, very posh place, but the loo was on the fritz: one was unusable as a haz-mat suited tech was working on it. Trying to get some running water out of a tap to clean myself up what came out was fæces, looked like soft-serve yoghurt but smelled incredibly bad. Finally found a tub with a hand shower & hosed off the nether regions.

Of course now I was going around half-naked, found a hospital gown-like wrap around & dressed. Got into a conversation with one of the high mucky-mucks about the general conditions but everyone (me too) was rather blasé about the whole thing.

“At dawn my lover comes to me/ and tells me of her dreams/ with no attempt to shovel the glimpse/ into the ditch of what each one means/ at times I think there are no words/ but these to tell what’s true/ and there are no truths outside the gates of Eden” — Bob Dylan


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