Best Democracy $$$ Can Buy (c.2010)

O tempore o mores; what do you do with a suborned legislator? what do you do with a drunken sailor?  Throw him in the brig, until dead or sober, respectively.  Dean Swift (as Gulliver amongst the Houyhnhnms) was not in the least provoked by the Sight of “a Lawyer, a Pick-pocket, a Colonel, a Fool, a Lord, a Gamester, a Politician, a Whore-Master, a Physician, an Evidence, a Suborner, an Attorney, a Traitor, or the like: This is all according to the due Course of Things”.

Guess I’m intolerant, ie, not to put up with or endure it.  But if you’re feeding at the trough of government, at the teat of the commonweal as it were, you should be held to a higher standard.  Being old fashioned, I say it’s treason and, being from the radical 60s~70s, I say ‘up against the wall’.

There have been a few articles, Time and USN&WR, casually mentioning the lobbying rampant in government.  It’s bribery by any name, and until bribery is made illegal (Draconian solutions recommended) it’s going to be the same old $#!+

Don’t think the teasips are going to do it, the plutocrats sure aren’t, and where is the grassroots disgust at what the Republic has come to?


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